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My Not-so-ordinary World

Praying through Messiah

December 20, 2014

Tags: Messiah performances, George Frederick Handle, Christmas music, prayer, intercession through music, LeAnne Hardy

Last December I was in New Haven, Connecticut, and attended a Messiah sing-along with the Yale concert choir and orchestra in their marvellous chapel. This fall I joined a local choral group to perform Handel’s Messiah with another regional choir and a small local orchestra. Even though I drove nearly an hour each (more…)

A Story of Love, Loss and Grace (especially grace)

December 15, 2014

Tags: David Wheaton, My Boy Ben, dog stories, non-fiction, dealing with grief, book review, Minnesota author, hunting dogs, dog training, LeAnne Hardy

I am not a dog person. I dislike getting licked and slobbered on. I can’t stand yapping. When I see the toothpick legs of a skinny little Chihuahua everything in me wants to see how easily they will snap. (At such times, I carefully keep my hands to myself.) At least I have (more…)

When Your Students Succeed

December 5, 2014

Tags: Shaleen Keshavjee-Gulam, author interview, writing, Golden Baobab, Literary awards, African children's literature, LeAnne Hardy

I once attended a one-day writing workshop. At the end of the day the leader asked us to visualize where we would like to be in ten-years time in our writing careers. He probably suggested a book signing as one possibility. By that time I had (more…)

Blessings You Can't Wrap Your Arms Around

November 27, 2014

Tags: Thanksgiving, Gratitude, Spiritual blessings, Ephesians 1:3-14, LeAnne Hardy

For several years now, I have kept a Blessing Book by the bed to write down things I’m thankful for. Some of my friends post something they are thankful for on FaceBook every day in November. Many Americans will share something they are thankful for around the table today before diving into their turkey dinner. (I understand the pilgrims probably ate venison, not turkey, that first Thanksgiving; if they ate pumpkin, (more…)

Holding Jesus' Hand

October 31, 2014

Tags: funeral, Joseph Bruce Gibbs, death of child, It is Well with My Soul, Horatio Spafford

A hard funeral this week—one of the hardest I ever attended. A Spiderman cap graced the tiny coffin. It doesn’t take a very big box to hold a three-year-old. His dad’s auto shop was closed for the day. I heard that the employees of the only floral shop in town were (more…)

Yahweh, Show Your Power!

October 22, 2014

Tags: Valerie Comer, Majai's Fury, ISIS, Ebola, political antagonism

In Valerie Comer’s fantasy novel Majai's Fury (reviewed here), Shanh, the Jonah-inspired character sent from his legalistically god-fearing culture to invite a sinful city to believe, calls on his god to protect him. “Azhvah, show your power!” and he does, often in miraculous ways. But then, as with the God of the Bible, there are times when he seems not to. He leaves his followers to suffer while he brings Shahn out of his strict legalism into true relationship.

There are so many times (more…)

Don't Become a Floating Convention Center

September 5, 2014

Tags: Faith Missionary Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, Queen Mary, fiftieth anniversary, church anniversary, missions, LeAnne Hardy

We recently celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of my home church, Faith Missionary Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was a charter member at age thirteen, and FMC has been our largest supporting church over the years so there were lots of old friends to see. Saturday night was a picnic. Most fun for me were (more…)

Speculating on the Real World

August 20, 2014

Tags: Valerie Cromer, Majai's Fury, speculative fiction, book review, author interview

We’re trying something new today. I have often told you about books I have been reading. This one really had me thinking about my own cultural perspective, and since it was written by a colleague in American Christian Fiction Writers and fellow blogger on International Christian Fiction Writers, I have invited her to answer a few questions, as an “author interview” like we do on a lot of the book sites. There is even a chance to win a free Kindle copy at the end of this post. Let me know if you would like to see more of this sort of thing.

Valerie Comer’s new speculative novel, Majai's Fury, is “a fantasy tale of forbidden romance amid clashing religions and cultures.” As the Amazon blurb says: (more…)

Don't Get Distracted

July 18, 2014

Tags: Charles Wesley, early Methodism, hymns, funeral, Jesus! the Name

Jesus! the name high over all,
in hell, or earth, or sky;
Angels and men before it fall,
and devils fear and fly.

Jesus! the name to sinners dear,
the name to sinners given;
It scatters all their guilty fear,
it turns their hell to heaven.

Jesus! the prisoner’s fetters breaks
and bruises (more…)

Tigger Goes to a Funeral

July 9, 2014

Tags: Keith Hunt, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Cedar Campus, Winnie the Pooh, Psalm 112, funeral, LeAnne Hardy

You don’t usually see stuffed animals at a funeral, at least not funerals for men in their nineties. But Keith Hunt was unique. He was famous for reading Winnie the Pooh to college students using voices. You know what I mean: Pooh’s slow voice lamenting that he hasn’t any brain, only (more…)

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Young Adult Fiction
The truth could cost Sindi everything, but keeping the secret might cost her more.
Ben will be dead meat if the guys find out what he's doing at the ice rink in the early mornings.
It’s never fun to be different, and Brazilian–born Cristina Larson feels very different.
Despite the war, Keri’s parents wouldn’t let anything really bad happen to her... would they?
Glastonbury Grail Series
Book 1. A tale of the Holy Grail and the tumultuous England of King Henry VIII
Book 2. Colin returns to Wales with the ancient olivewood cup. But why does it show none of the supernatural power it displayed in Glastonbury?
Picture Book
Who will take care of Lindiwe when her sick mother passes?
God is like many things in a small African boy’s world—the wind, a rock, even his mother.

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