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My Not-so-ordinary World

Hope and Hard Work

April 20, 2012

Tags: Boston Marathon, running, Erika, Dan, goals, commitment, LeAnne Hardy

A double amputee runner
The Boston Marathon is the Holy Grail of runners. Anyone can sign up to run a 26.2-mile race in Indianapolis or Beaver Island, Michigan, but you have to qualify for Boston.

My son-in-law told me, “The easiest way to qualify is to get old.” That’s because the qualifying time goes up with age.

Dan didn’t wait to get old. He did the distance in less than three hours at Beaver Island earlier this year and promptly went on to do (more…)

Having Erika home

March 26, 2010

Tags: Erika

Our Erika left home at thirteen to attend boarding school in Kenya. For the past couple months we have had the joy of having her back while her husband attended Officer Training School. (No wives allowed.) She is easy to have around—a neat freak to the point of washing dishes BEFORE dinner (more…)

Selected Works

Young Adult Fiction
The truth could cost Sindi everything, but keeping the secret might cost her more.
Ben will be dead meat if the guys find out what he's doing at the ice rink in the early mornings.
It’s never fun to be different, and Brazilian–born Cristina Larson feels very different.
Despite the war, Keri’s parents wouldn’t let anything really bad happen to her... would they?
Glastonbury Grail Series
Book 1. A tale of the Holy Grail and the tumultuous England of King Henry VIII
Book 2. Colin returns to Wales with the ancient olivewood cup. But why does it show none of the supernatural power it displayed in Glastonbury?
Picture Book
Who will take care of Lindiwe when her sick mother passes?
God is like many things in a small African boy’s world—the wind, a rock, even his mother.

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