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Musalaha: Reconciliation

May 23, 2011

Tags: Musalaha, World Next Door, Palestine, Bethlehem, Israel, South Africa, Michael Cassidy, Passing Summer, peacemakers, reconciliation, Barry Rodrigues, LeAnne Hardy

A couple Christmases ago a friend sent me a card that showed the Holy Family on their way to Bethlehem. Mary rode a donkey along the dirt road. Joseph walked beside her. But they never got to Bethlehem. The road was blocked by a high wall that stretched from horizon to horizon. The card (more…)

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Young Adult Fiction
The truth could cost Sindi everything, but keeping the secret might cost her more.
Ben will be dead meat if the guys find out what he's doing at the ice rink in the early mornings.
It’s never fun to be different, and Brazilian–born Cristina Larson feels very different.
Despite the war, Keri’s parents wouldn’t let anything really bad happen to her... would they?
Glastonbury Grail Series
Book 1. A tale of the Holy Grail and the tumultuous England of King Henry VIII
Book 2. Colin returns to Wales with the ancient olivewood cup. But why does it show none of the supernatural power it displayed in Glastonbury?
Picture Book
Who will take care of Lindiwe when her sick mother passes?
God is like many things in a small African boy’s world—the wind, a rock, even his mother.

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