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My Not-so-ordinary World

Still on the Learning Curve

July 27, 2012

Tags: Kindle, Excellence in Theological Education, Steven A. Hardy, e-books, LeAnne Hardy

It’s not the first time I bit off more than I could chew or got enthusiastic about a revolutionary idea that didn’t work. It turns out that neither Kindle nor Nook is designed to be a web browser. Duh. I should have known that, but since a lot of my e-book reading (more…)

Coming Soon to an E-Reader Near You!

July 13, 2012

Tags: Excellence in Theological Education, Steven A. Hardy, e-books, Nook, Kindle, publishing, LeAnne Hardy

I’ve been reading e-books for ages—on my laptop, on my phone, on the new Nook my husband got me for our anniversary. I have long anticipated that someday my own books would be available digitally. A major advantage is the lack of warehousing and shipping costs. An e-book can be accessed almost as easily in Africa as in Atlanta. Since there are no extra publishing costs, the author can set a price that makes the book accessible to the most readers.

I have been putting off the venture, fearing (more…)

They Almost Always Come Home

September 23, 2011

Tags: Cynthia Ruchtie, They Almost Always Come Home, book review, Quetico Provincial Park, Boundary Waters Canoe Area, BWCA, LeAnne Hardy, Christian fiction, e-books, Kindle, Nook, marriage

On our recent cruise in Alaska I took a dozen books. My luggage didn’t know the difference since they all fit into a space no larger than my cell phone. Ah, technology! I don’t need to own a Kindle or a Nook—just agree to pay a whopping monthly data fee for (more…)

The Future of the Book; or What I Want for Christmas

October 25, 2010

Tags: LeAnne Hardy, e-books, Nook, Kindle, reading, books

As a librarian, I started hearing early about the death of the book. Why build library buildings when books will soon be obsolete and all our information digitized? In the early days, I think the proponents of this view imagined a shoebox of disks that would contain the knowledge of the ages. It didn’t seem to occur to them that someone would need to (more…)

Selected Works

Young Adult Fiction
The truth could cost Sindi everything, but keeping the secret might cost her more.
Ben will be dead meat if the guys find out what he's doing at the ice rink in the early mornings.
It’s never fun to be different, and Brazilian–born Cristina Larson feels very different.
Despite the war, Keri’s parents wouldn’t let anything really bad happen to her... would they?
Glastonbury Grail Series
Book 1. A tale of the Holy Grail and the tumultuous England of King Henry VIII
Book 2. Colin returns to Wales with the ancient olivewood cup. But why does it show none of the supernatural power it displayed in Glastonbury?
Picture Book
Who will take care of Lindiwe when her sick mother passes?
God is like many things in a small African boy’s world—the wind, a rock, even his mother.

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